About Us

Luxy Scans is a group originally formed by Luxy as the sole member, a one man army, to provide quality scanlations for the Manhua he enjoyed. From the original founding, Luxy Scans, quickly became a group with multiple people joining in to help out and donate their time to improve on the quality of the releases made by the group, whether that would be by gaining experienced editors or seasoned proof readers to ensure the translations themselves are smooth in the english tounge.

From working with only a sole member, to gaining multiple helping hands, all the way to co-operating with other Scanlation groups while continuing to improve on and bring you quality scanlations.

Luxy Scans provides english versions of Manhua which have been properly translated, proof read, cleaned and redrawn all to go through a final stage of Quality Checking to ensure that the reader recieves the best possible releases.